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Where Real Life Meets Real Life

Where Real Life Meets Real Life

We all know real life is the inspiration for if not all, most of the movies we love to watch come from. From exact moments written word for word in a thrilling biographical tale to the some hard Sci-Fi piece of tech based on the cell phones of today, our everyday lives are the stepping stones for a great script. But what if….we reversed that?

That’s where The Reel Debaters fill the gap. Hosted by Micheal Petrow, a few comedians, some film professionals, a pop culture nerd and a rotating door of movie geeks they sit down each episode and answer some of films least debated arguments like “Who would make a great Prime minister” or “What ensemble cast would you want to be a secret Santa to” all the while pulling from movie history since …well since the first picture was shown on a movie screen.

Oh, we also take fan requests. Got an idea for the show that you think we should tackle , email thereeldebaters@gmail.com for more info.

“If you can explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein